CDM Advisor Consultancy Services

The awareness, understanding and compliance with the Client’s duties under the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 is crucial for delivering a construction project in a safe structured manner and therefore to minimise the risks of future prosecution. The introduction of the CDM Regulations 2015 make the Client criminally accountable to ensure projects are carried out in a manner that secures health and safety.

CDM Advisor Consultancy Services

The Client maintains overall control over construction projects as they are the employer and they are empowered to make decisions. It is the Client that must set the required standard and drive the health and safety of the project in the pre-construction and construction phases of every project.

If a client needs help in making these arrangements, the Principal Designer should be in a position to assist. HSE L153/P34 states” Clients could also draw on the advice of a competent person if they are required to appoint such a person under the Management of Health and Safety at work regulations 1999”.

The CDM duties that most clients are aware of are:

 ·         Appointment of Designers, a Principal Contractor (PC) and a Principal Designer (PD)

 ·         Provision of the Pre-construction Information.

It is important to note that if a Client fails to appoint a Principal Designer, the client themselves are deemed to fulfil the duties of a Principal Designer. Clients who choose not to appoint a Principal Designer and by default becomes a PD must ensure they have the knowledge, skills and experience to fulfil that role. Clients which have a limited understanding of the CDM 2015 expose themselves to high risk of non-compliance with the regulations. The foundation of every project is the provision of sufficient recourses and appointment of a competent workforce including designers and other consultants.

Vextrix are able to offer the service of CDM advisor/Consultant to secure our Clients’ compliance with the CDM Regulations 2015.  The following steps are taken to provide a competent advice:

The above information provides a brief explanation of the Client’s CDM duties and it is not limited to those duties. The advisory service would encompass guidance across the whole CDM Regulations 2015 as well as other health and safety consultancy required on the project.