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What is an Access Audit?

An Access Audit identifies areas where improvements need to be made to remove barriers, that could result in a prosecution against you under the Equality Act 2010. Under the Equality Act 2010, services providers, employers and educational establishments must not discriminate against nine protected characteristics as defined by the Act. Special provisions apply if you are a public authority. Our Accessibility Team is led by an NRAC registered Access Auditor with credentials listed here.

The Process

To complete a full audit of your premises, our Accessibility team will complete a walk through, following the customer experience. Starting externally from all points of arrival, through the building entrance and reception, continuing to the services and facilities of the building and to the final destination of a potential client, visitor, customer or member of your team (employee). While auditing, we always have the user experience in mind to ensure that everyone has equal access to services, goods and opportunities you offer.

Once our team have completed a walk around of your premises, they will provide you with a photographic report highlighting already existing good practice and also the areas where reasonable adjustments are required. In the report our team will provide advice on best practices in order to meet the standards such as BS8300 and associated industry Approved Codes of Practice and relevant local authorities’ accessibility policies and guidance. We will consider your budget and will ensure that your premises and business will offer the best to all your customers, visitors and employees.

Community Links

We have established links with charities and societies that offer their firsthand user experience and provide us with feedback on the existing technologies supporting accessibility. We have developed an understanding of common issues encountered at premises and together with representatives from different groups, we identify areas of access that would benefit most from improvements – to offer better access to everyone.

Why do you need an Access Audit?

Having accessible premises offers opportunities to a wider spectrum of people, increases footfall, revenue and most of all provides access to services and goods to everyone regardless of their physical ability. While you focus on the quality of your services and goods, we will deliver a route to a greater pool of customers that can reach you.

At the heart of every project is customer experience. We are committed to creating a more inclusive environment, promoting independence with undue effort or separation, and working to remove, alter or circum-navigate barriers for all members of the public, preventing embarrassment and frustration and giving customers confidence.


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