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What is an Accessibility Design Appraisal?

An Accessibility Design Appraisal is a review of the architectural drawings of a project from their early stages through to the detailed design stage. This allows our team to offer advice on the existing statutory requirements, best practice guidance and accessibility solutions that make a real difference to the user.

The appraisal looks closely at the way a project is designed and how it will be delivered. The aim of the appraisal is to detect potential barriers and suggest solutions as to how these barriers could be removed to allow access to a larger spectrum of customers. A spectrum that includes customers that would otherwise struggle to use the services provided by your premises.

The Process

As part of an Accessibility Appraisal our team will visit your premises to familiarise themselves with any existing site constraints. They will review your drawings and provide a list of specific design considerations with the relevant accessibility regulations and guidance. The team will and work with the designers throughout the design stages to communicate solutions that will improve the accessibility and inclusivity of the design.

Community Links

Our team have well established links with charities and support groups for people with disabilities, who share their user experience, offer advice on design constraints and solutions and complete awareness training. We encourage the involvement of these user groups in design reviews and approvals, to make sure we achieve the best solutions to the daily challenges of access encountered by a wide spectrum of people and offer a design that is considered and inclusive.

Our Experience

Our Accessibility Team is led by an NRAC registered Access Auditor with credentials listed here. Our consultants have worked on variety of projects ranging from the installation of new lifts, to the construction of new buildings and the refurbishment of listed buildings. Whilst working with local authorities and train operators the team also have a portfolio of projects that include community buildings, railway stations and a broad range of car parking facilities.

Why do you need an Accessibility Design Appraisal?

An Accessibility Design Appraisal ensures the incorporation of diversity and inclusivity as a mindset at the critical design stage. Performing an assessment that puts inclusivity and diversity at the forefront at this stage allows for management of risk and for opportunities to be identified early in the process. This assessment allows you to build a full picture of your customers and their requirements in order to meet inclusive design standards and ensure accessibility for all.


We invite you to look at some of the diverse projects we have been involved with.