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Diversity Impact Assessment

What is a Diversity Impact Assessment (DIA)?

A Diversity Impact Assessment is a method of assessment in accordance with Network Rail requirements as part of the GRIP design stages. The aim of the assessment is to identify potential negative impacts of a project on accessibility and inclusivity at the earliest design stage.

The Process

The DIA process includes identification of the design that raises accessibility concerns at the construction phase and at its operational stage. It also identifies the people who might be affected by the initial design concept, as per the protected characteristics defined by the Equality Act 2010. It then informs the ways a negative impact could be addressed through action planning.

A DIA offers solutions for continuity of services without disruptions to its availability for all people during construction work. Through a DIA, the design team look at how to make services more accessible, more comfortable, and less challenging to all spectrum of people after construction is completed. We provide our clients with a report, outlining areas of particular focus and providing advice on changes or improvements that may be required.

Our Experience

The team complete the assessment at the design stage to gain knowledge on how a project will perform in relation to specific protected characteristics as per the Equality Act 2010. Our Accessibility Team is led by an NRAC registered Access Auditor with credentials listed here and has broad experience completing DIA’s and specialise in projects that champion diversity and inclusivity, focused on solutions that provide access for all.

Why do you need a DIA?

DIA’s provide an invaluable knowledge base for clients, allowing you to gain a thorough understanding of potential restrictions to access and above all, allow you to deliver the best possible service to all customers.

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