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Our experienced Principal Designer team influence informed design decisions, to ensure your project is delivered in a way that protects the health and safety of everyone impacted by the construction work.

They will work within your design team to eliminate Health & Safety risks from concept design through to contractor’s handover.

Ensuring that we are appointed at the very start of a project is key. We can work with the design team to help influence them to consider all potential hazards throughout the design.

How will we ensure a safe project through Principal Design?

By planning, managing, monitoring and co-ordinating the health & safety in the pre-construction phase, it allows us to eliminate foreseeable health & safety risks to anyone affected by the work, and where that is not possible, take steps to reduce or control those risks.

Our Principal Designer role involves us working within the pre-construction phase, managing the team to communicate and coordinate their work wherever possible to eliminate risk and also oversee the principal contractor during the construction phase.

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Martyna Szypowicz

Associate Director


If a you fail to appoint a Principal Designer, you as the client are legally responsible to carry out their duties under the revised CDM Regulations 2015?

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