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The Regenda Group

Bluebrook Housing Development, Lancashire


Brief description

Vextrix was appointed as Employers Agent for Regenda Group’s  residential home development in Hambleton.

Using a JCT Design and Build contract, the responsibility for the planning designs was placed with the contractor. The contract was also a sectional completion, which allowed the client to sell some of the houses and handover the scheme on a plot-by-plot basis. Acting as the employer’s agent allowed us to advise and guide the contractor through the process of delivering a design and build contract, with all the accompanying complexities: discharging their design responsibilities under the contract; ensuring that the client’s requirements were adhered to.

Project monitoring requirements were defined with the client at the outset of the scheme and these were implemented to ensure proper control of the project was established. These controls included monthly formal project meetings where the contractor reported on progress based upon the contract programme. We were also able to keep up to date with any emerging risks, deal with them in a timely manner, provide consistent information to the client, so that we were able to mitigate any impact on the construction programme.

We also undertook the role of Principal Designer on the scheme to ensure the clients compliance with the CDM 2015 regulations.

The project did not have a Principal Designer appointed before RIBA stage 3.  Once we were appointed, we identified a number of design issues which needed further consideration to ensure future sale or rental of the properties would not be affected in the future.

Through a combination of close financial control and strong management of the contractor, the project was brought in on budget for the client.

Lessons learnt

The PD role is crucial to ensuring that the incoming residents have no ongoing issues where their properties cannot be maintained or accessed in certain ways. Early involvement of the PD in the design stage will always ensure handover and acceptance is a smoother process by identifying and rectifying these issues before the project gets to site, where it could affect the quality of the final build.

We undertook a role with the companies preferred contractor and introduced them to delivering main contract works via a JCT Design and Build contract.

Early involvement in the contract and procurement stage of the project, whereby the clients requirement can be sought and integrated into the project, is key to ensuring the project is delivered on budget. By understanding the clients key drivers for the project from the outset, Vextrix can advise on procurement strategies and contract selection to assist with these key requirements being met.

Photos courtesy of Regenda Group.