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TfGM through Strzala


Building on our relationship with our client TfGM, Vextrix has been appointed to provide Civil and Structural Engineering, 3D Laser Scanning and Principal Designer Services to determine and deliver accessibility improvements required at Daisy Hill and Irlam stations, as part of their Accessibility & Inclusivity for All Programme (AIfA).

The scheme marks the latest step in TfGM’s commitment to accessibility improvements across the network. To deliver this, TfGM have maximised the funding opportunities available through existing DfT schemes such as Access for All (AfA), 3rd party funded schemes, and the Northern 100 day programme. Stations were selected for improvements through Option Selection reports of their top 160 priority stations, supported by surveying and analysis in their Accessibility & Inclusivity for All Programme (AIfA).

Our Approach

During scoping visits, the team determined that the installation of new lifts at both Daisy Hill and Irlam stations would be required, to provide accessible routes into the station and to and between each platform. The team delivered 3D scanning Services and Civil and Structural Engineering Services to deliver the required works in line with the specific standards of the rail industry.

Daisy Hill station required the installation of an external lift on the island platform linking to the ticket hall to provide an accessible route for passengers. Improvements at Irlam Station included the installation of a lift on platform one that connects to the subway beneath the track and on the other side the installation of a lift to the second platform, connected via a small link bridge.

To deliver the required works the team conducted a 3D laser scan of both stations, completed the required surveys, including CCTV drainage and ground investigation works to provide the client with the most effective and efficient solution to the accessibility concerns. The team delivered the required works, undertaking designs, preparing submissions and delivering all approvals required by the Network Rail GRIP stages.

Lessons Learnt

To determine the scope of the required works Vextrix completed a typographical survey and a 3D laser scan of the station. The varying levels present around both platforms at Irlam station meant the team were required to gain an in-depth understanding of the structure to deliver the improvements. To connect the existing subway that runs beneath the tracks to the second platform, the team were required to build within a large slope behind it, to do this the team designed a contiguous piled retaining wall to suit. The data rich point cloud allowed the team to model the existing station and its surroundings in a 3D environment, allowing them to fully assess the levels and accurately design and detail the proposed solution.

Added Value

The team provided the client with a complete Principal Design service, Civil and Structural Engineering services and 3D scanning services. Their knowledge and experience of the specific requirements of the Network Rail GRIP stages and the required accessibility standards meant the team were able to add value throughout the project. The improvements to the accessibility and inclusivity of the selected stations will benefit a broad range of existing and potential customers in the local communities. Including older people, those with disabilities, families with pushchairs and small children and those who need more time to board or alight.