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NAW 2022: My experience as a Digital Marketing Apprentice at Vextrix


To mark National Apprenticeship Week 2022 Bethel Moyo our Digital Marketing Assistant shares his experience of completing his NVQ Level 3 Apprenticeship in Digital Marketing with Vextrix. He explains why others should chose to take the same route and why an apprenticeship is a great way to gain qualifications while working in your dream job role!

What made you chose to take an Apprenticeship?

My apprenticeship course offered me the chance to be a part of a real Marketing team while learning lots about how the skills I had gained from my degree are put into practice in a business. It offered me the chance to understand what it means to be part of a business and look at my role in the assessments and ask why they are important, what I have learnt from them and how they can help me in the future. What I have loved about my apprenticeship is, not only being part of a Marketing team but also being part of the wider team at Vextrix. I have learnt so much professionally and personally that I would never have experienced if I hadn’t chosen the route of an apprenticeship.

When did you start and what made you choose Digital Marketing?

I started my Digital Marketing Apprenticeship back in September 2020 just as lockdown was going down! It was a bit of a crazy time to be starting out and now looking back I don’t think any of us knew what a big impact it was going to have on our lives. I chose Digital Marketing because after I finished uni with a degree in Film I had a really good idea of what I enjoy doing and what I’m good at, I chose this apprenticeship because it gave me the chance to use my skills and shape them into a career.

What was involved in your Digital Marketing Apprenticeship?

The process was split into sections, there were four learning weeks which were spread out throughout the academic year. These were then broken down into three modules, two of them had an exam at the end and the others had assessments at the end of each day of training. There was lots of different assignments that I needed to complete based around what I was learning in my role at Vextrix too, so it meant I had to make sure I was recording my work. I enjoyed having different ways of being assessed because it kept everything exciting for me but it also meant that I had to keep myself organinsed!

How has Vextrix supported you while you have been studying for your Apprenticeship?

Vextrix is a great place to work especially while I have been studying for my apprenticeship, everyone has been really encouraging and offered me advice on working and learning at the same time. I think what has made a difference to me, is working in an environment where other people are also studying and looking at ways to thrive and improve themselves, it naturally makes you want to improve yourself too! There are so many people at Vextrix who are studying, working and reaching new goals, it feels like everyone understands what you are going through, that everyone is behind you and is looking forward to celebrating your success with you.

Have you faced any challenges that you have overcome?

Because Vextrix is such a welcoming place to work, when we went into lockdown I found it tough. I was just starting to build relationships with different people and I missed the face to face contact every day. It was quite overwhelming at first and I was worried about how I would handle it because I had never worked from home before. Luckily my line manager Lou took the time to understand how I was feeling and gave me lots of advice to help me keep myself motivated. What was great was, over time I realised because I was working for Vextrix and they take care of you that I didn’t need to worry because they made sure everyone still felt part of one big connected team even when we were apart.

How have you found the process of taking your Apprenticeship?

The process has taught me so much about all areas of digital marketing but what has been great is, I can use my knowledge and new skills in my day to day role at Vextrix. It has given me confidence to make suggestions and put my own ideas forward and in what I can offer the team and the company. What’s great about working while you’re learning is that you’re able to give back the skills you’re gaining to the company that is supporting you and I am so pleased to be doing that for Vextrix.

What have been your highlights?

A massive highlight for me was being nominated for the BAME Apprenticeship Award in the Media and Marketing category at the end of 2021. It was such a great feeling knowing I was one of the top ten apprentices in my category. We had a brilliant night at the awards ceremony, it was inspiring to see all the winners receiving their awards and celebrating with them afterwards!

Now you have completed your Apprenticeship what advice would you give to others who are thinking about taking on the qualification?

Don’t be afraid of trying something new! Don’t be afraid of the challenge. An apprenticeship is a brilliant route to take if you are ready and willing to push yourself for a career you really want. You need to be committed and organised but pushing yourself really does pay off! Every experience I’ve had during my apprenticeship is something that I have learnt from and will use in the future.