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Tidy Site Tidy Mind

Improving the working environment of construction sites

Our Approach

Through our passion for making a difference in the delivery of our projects, we recognise the impact the workplace environment has on the health and well-being of workers, our team came together to ask how they could make a difference. Our campaign team includes professionals, responsible for delivering multiple roles on a range of projects. Drawing on their collective experience the team have developed the ‘Tidy Site Tidy Mind’ campaign.

Through our experience working with a range of clients, and on a range of construction sites we have a detailed understanding of the challenges they face. Our findings have highlighted some key areas that include limited resources, timescales, and budget that can have an impact on the priorities of our clients.

The campaign aims to support you in these areas in a practical way, by offering their knowledge in the form of tangible tools the team aims to support you in improving the working environment of your construction site, and in priotising the mental health of your team.

The Impact of the Workplace Environment

The physical environment of a workplace can and does affect the well-being of workers, from the layout, the lighting levels through to the temperature and the control that the employee has over their working environment. It can effect:

  • Well-being
  • Job satisfaction
  • Motivation

Although research reports address office environments, this campaign sees us taking the same approach to the physical environment of construction sites.

The Campaign

Vextrix is carrying out a Health and Safety campaign to improve construction site conditions to minimise the impacts of a poor physical work environment amongst workers, alleviate poor mental health and remove additional triggers of poor mental health.

Maintaining a tidy and organised construction site is crucial for promoting positive mental health among workers. A clean and organised work environment can reduce stress and anxiety, improve job satisfaction and boost motivation and productivity.

This campaign aims to show that employers can prioritise workers mental health and well-being while also minimising the risk of accidents and injuries. The benefits of a tidy site extend beyond workers mental health and can also enhance the reputation of the construction company.

A tidy and organised site is a visible sign of professionalism and attention to detail, which can attract new clients and improve business relationships. Therefore, promoting a tidy construction site is essential in creating a safe, productive, and successful work environment.


Tidy Site Tidy Mind aims to address the following points:

  • To reduce the impact of a poor working environment on the mental health and well-being of workers.
  • To improve site tidiness and conditions.
  • To reduce the number of normalised site hazards, e.g. mud, site traffic.
  • To remove the stigma of working on a construction site- it doesn’t need to be wet and dirty.
  • To make construction sites a place that workers don’t dread – e.g. dry, warm and clean break out areas.

Meet The Team

Martyna Szypowicz - Associate Director

I have been working in the construction industry for 9 years visiting construction sites as part of my duties as a H&S professional. It has become apparent to me that visiting sites that have poor standards of safety, are untidy and lack basic safety provisions, affects my mental approach to these sites.

Paul Vickers - Compliance Consultant

Mental Health is such an important area, to have a chance to help spread knowledge of how to improve the working environment of construction sites, and alleviate some of the suffering that can occur from mental health issues, is a chance I don’t want to miss.

Andrew Ellwood - Compliance Consultant

As someone who has spent a lot of time on construction sites, I have always made it a priority to keep them tidy and clean. By promoting a clean and organised site, we can prioritise workers safety and well-being, and create a more productive and efficient work environment.

Cameron James - Assistant Compliance Consultant

The responsibility of a Principal Designer takes us to a variety of construction sites. This experience makes me want to create a safe culture on site, helping to reduce incidents, boost productivity and promote the mental health benefits of working on a site that is proactive in its approach to tidiness.

Dave Parsons - Senior Project Manager

As a Senior Project Manager, I am proud to be associated with the Vextrix health and safety campaign to raise awareness of mental health in the construction industry, to achieve an improvement in wellbeing, reduction in anxiety and isolation in a more collaborative way.

Jessica Clegg - Senior Quantity Surveyor

The construction industry as a whole has the highest rate of suicides. Long hours, working away from home, poor work life balance and in some areas, poor salary prospects. But could the environment be a trigger? Environmental issues can’t always be avoided, but they can be mitigated. Why am I passionate about this? As a person who suffers with their mental health, a pleasant and safe work environment is very important.

Through our work, we are always looking to offer new ways to support you and make things easier. Our team has put together this set of useful tools to support any of our clients who may find them useful. If these tools are not already part of the day-to-day running of your site, take a look and see if you can incorporate them into your next project.

The tools we have created include a range of examples for you to consider, many have little to no cost, to provide you with effective solutions to improve the environment of your construction site, with options to suit your budget.


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