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Life as a dual-career couple during lockdown


With both myself and my wife in demanding careers, the last few months could have thrown a tug of war situation, both trying to juggle the demands of work and home. Luckily for both of us, we are in jobs we love which provide us with the flexibility we needed to get through the uncertain times. It hasn’t all been perfect but the balance and routine we developed from the outset of lockdown has ensured we can continue to work whilst looking after our little boy……albeit with some lengthy working days!

More about my situation

I live with my wife Amber and my 22 month old son Jaxon. Normally he would attend nursery but during the lockdown he stayed home with us both. Both my wife and I work full time, so balancing work commitments and parenting duties has been very challenging.

How we adjusted our working days

My wife and I took the decision to break the day down into shifts where we look after our little one and the other person works. This means that we both have to be flexible and work unusual hours in the day to complete our parenting and work commitments.

The challenges we faced

The balance between being a dad, husband and an employee was a difficult juggling act. It can be hard at times to meet all the demands, but family first has always been my way forward. Ultimately, we are both lucky to continue to work in the current climate, so I am thankful for that.

The standout moment

Part way through lockdown I had the opportunity to take my son out on his first bike ride (on the back of my bike) in the middle of the week, in the afternoon. This was an amazing experience and ultimately, I wouldn’t have had that time with him before lockdown because we would only be available at weekends. The extra time lockdown has given me with my family has been a real gain from these strange times.

Our main focus

Staying positive and putting our family first was always a priority for us both. With everything going on it is easy to find bad news, so my wife and I go out of our way to find good news stories and positive messages to share with each other.

The support of Vextrix has been invaluable

Vextrix has been great, they have completely understood the complicated work life balance that we have and have given me as much flexibility to work that I need. They have fully supported me to make working from home as normal as possible. Ultimately the culture at Vextrix is all about supporting and helping each other and they have fully supported us through this time which I am truly grateful for.

“The extra time lockdown has given me with my family has been a real gain from these strange times.”