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Four Architects on Behalf of WHP

Spring Place - Designing a Digital Twin for Student Living


Vextrix recently collaborated with Four Architects on an exciting project to transform the student accommodation at Spring Place. Our role as per the project commissioned by WHP Limited, involved a scan of the full site and subsequent development of a detailed 3D model of the existing structure including a drone survey.

The 3D model serves as a foundational tool for WHP Limited and Four Architects to plan requisite structural refurbishment. Using the high-precision Leica RTC360 3D Scanner, our team was able to capture the precise dimensions and features of the student accommodation building using point cloud data ensuring the client had the highest level of accuracy for effective planning and refurbishment.

The data was imported into Revit, creating a detailed 3D model of the scanned environment within our Autodesk software. Using the point cloud as a reference, the basic elements of the building, such as walls, floors, and roofs, were modelled in 3D.

Architectural features including windows, doors, and other elements were then added to the model. This step ensured that the digital representation closely mirrored all features of the existing structure giving the architects and stakeholders a better understanding of the existing structure.

3D Modelling of Spring Place

Throughout the modelling process, regular verification against the point cloud data was conducted to maintain accuracy. Any discrepancies were promptly adjusted to ensure the model’s integrity which subsequently avoided any extra costs for our clients through mistakes or delays.

Once the Revit model was completed, it was rendered using Lumion, bringing the model to life with stunning visuals. This final step added the necessary details to complete our digital twin.

The resulting 3D model of Spring Place student accommodation is one of Vextrix’s largest and most detailed models to date. It not only serves as a precise digital twin of the existing structure but also provides WHP Limited and Four Architects with a powerful tool for planning and future development.

Adam Parker, Senior Design Services Technician at Vextrix, played a crucial role in this project. Reflecting on the process, Adam writes:

“When building the Revit model for Spring Place from a point cloud scan, I followed a multi-step process to accurately create a digital representation of the scanned environment. The integration of point cloud data into Revit allowed us to achieve an unprecedented level of detail and accuracy, ensuring that our final model was both comprehensive and true to the original structure.”

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