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Luneside East Ltd

Student Accommodation Redevelopment


Brief description

The Luneside project is a redevelopment of a site into student accommodation which involves the demolition of existing site buildings, the development of 431 student bedrooms across 4 buildings, ranging from 3-6 floors, and a mix of support services and commercial units on ground floor, with landscaping.

Vextrix has been appointed as Principal Designer to support the Client to ensure all obligations under CDM Regulations are met.

General duties include:

  • Producing site survey reports for identification of existing hazards and risk
  • Preparation of pre-construction information
  • Involvement in design team meetings
  • Co-operation with demolition contractor and building contractors
  • Ongoing inspections of site and build
  • Providing CDM advisory services, including review of CPP by the contractor, and employers requirements for Client

Value added

Through our experience within the rail sector, we were able to act as a liasion/stakeholder manager between the Developer and Network Rail to help them overcome and agree protection arrangements for railway assets during construction.

We manage and co-ordinate dedicated Design Hazard Review meetings to eliminate/mitigate construction and operation risk within the design prior to design sign off. It allows the client to make early design changes and interventions leading to value creation and improved safety in construction and building operations and mitigating potential delay in the construction phase.

We hold proactive workshops with the Principal Contractor and Designers to monitor and assist with meeting obligations under CDM Regulations.

Lessons learnt

Working as the Principal Designer, we ensure there is less chance of costly issues arising later in the Luneside development that may be unforeseen by the team. It reduce the chance of workplace accidents occurring, keeping project development on plan and increased costs during operation to a minimum.