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Wood Group

Monk Fryston Overhead Line Refurbishment


Brief description

Vextrix was approached by the Wood Group to provide commercial support on a £20+ million pound overhead electricity line project.

The main project consisted of refurbishing 149 electricity pylons in Yorkshire. This included replacing the conductors and earth wire, the insulators and all the steelwork which holds the conductors and earth wire in place.

As the earth wire was being replaced, a separate contract was awarded which ran concurrently to the main contract due to a temporary diversion being required for the local traffic.

Vextrix was appointed to undertake the post contract change management role and the lead quantity surveyor role on the Fibre Diversion Contract which ran concurrently with the main project.

During the project the change management role was to draft all the contractual notices, including Early Warnings (EWN), Compensation Events (CE) and Compensation Event Quotations (CEQ) and then submit them to the client. Vextrix was required to manage the in-house shared system (Conject) and respond to the client’s contractual notices within the timescales stipulated in the contract. After the notifications were submitted, we were required to reach an agreement with the client for the associated cost and or time in respect to the notification.

During the project the client rejected several CE’s and undervalued the CEQ’s which we believed there was an entitlement to. After several delays due to numerous issues the client terminated both of the contracts. As no financial agreement could be made between the parties, the client issued a notice of Adjudication to settle the account. Vextrix assisted during the process and continued to provide support to the legal team regarding CE’s/CEQ’s which we believed to be under valued or rejected and we had an entitlement to. The adjudicator’s decision was in favour of the Wood Group and were awarded substantial costs on the project.