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Accessibility Audit – Providing a built environment that is inclusive to all individuals


Diversity and accessibility have become important aspects of every design to provide a built environment that is inclusive and offers opportunities to all individuals.

Equality Act 2010

The Equality Act 2010 has consolidated a number of earlier discrimination legislations into one act to address equality with one piece of legislation. The Act makes it unlawful to discriminate against protected characteristics as specified within the Act. It imposes a duty to make reasonable adjustments for disabled individuals if an existing feature puts them in a substantial disadvantage in relation to relevant matter in comparison with people who are not disabled. The Act addresses service providers and public bodies in a more rigorous way.

Inclusive Design

Ensuring inclusivity of your design does not only offer compliance with the Equality Act 2010, relevant British Standards and Approved Code of Practice guidance documents, but it also opens up the final building to a larger, more diverse spectrum of people. To the client or developer, it offers more exposure to people who want to enjoy their development; to the individuals it offers basic human rights and enjoyment of accessing services that are offered to everyone.

Our Auditors

Following our involvement in projects focused around inclusive design and accessibility improvements, we have developed a passion for equality and inclusivity.

Our experienced and trained auditors will undertake a review of your building against relevant industry guidance, British standards and other requirements depending on the type and location of the development to inform our advice.

Accessibility Audit Report

As part of an accessibility audit, you will benefit from a thorough inspection of the area or building that you would like to assess, a clear photographic report produced following from the visit and/or a video and 3D model of your existing premises with commentary alongside with a series of recommendations and costs for implementation of the improvements identified. The report will show the areas requiring accessibility improvements as well as the areas where you have already addressed inclusivity. The report will analyse any areas for improvements or risks to you against legal and statutory requirements and will offer potential short and long-term solutions. We will also rate any recommendations with regard to their urgency of delivery. In short, the report will provide you with a clear list of what needs doing, what is already done and what potential improvements could be introduced, with a clear indication of costs for becoming compliant.

For more details or to discuss a potential project, please contact:

Martyna Szypowicz

Senior CDM Consultant – Principal Designer