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Navigating your first year as London Director through Covid-19


Dan Boreham joined Vextrix last August – the last 12 months has turned out to be a little different than originally planned!

Louise Ashton, Strategic Marketing Manager, spends some time with Dan to recap what has been a turbulent few months, navigating through Covid-19 and understands what his plans are for the next 12 months for the London office.

Dan, you’ve been at Vextrix for 12 months now, what were your expectations when you joined?

When I moved to Vextrix I was looking forward to the opportunity to grow a business and work with an SME to develop new services and capabilities in London as a new region for Vextrix. Coming from a major corporation the opportunity to work with a smaller growing company was a very exciting prospect to me. I was definitely not expecting COVID, that has been a challenge of enormous scale, but in many ways that has helped me to understand the organisation better around why and how we do things.

How has working for an SME differed from previous experiences?

Vextrix has the ability to work very closely with their clients to fully understand what our clients need. As an SME, it means we are more flexible and agile and can quickly adapt to our client’s needs, something that I believe larger organisations struggle with due to the larger corporate ship that they have to navigate to deliver. On a more practical standpoint, having the flexibility to deliver the service through one person and not having to work across multiple teams internally is a real benefit in delivering the our services to our clients, it means we can just get on with the job.

I’m sure Covid-19 wasn’t part of your 12 month strategy for London! Has anything changed?

The plan was to establish a London presence, grow local presence and the support of projects. Over the year we have embedded our London office and have grown our team in the region and started to work with new clients and partners.

This year we will look to build on the success we have had with building our relationships with our clients and partners looking to expand opportunities in the Transportation, Residential, Real Estate and Industrial sectors and most importantly navigate ourselves out of COVID and the recession successfully. There is no doubt that this year ahead will be a challenge, but by focusing on what we do best and doing that to the best way possible, will help us to get through this.

What has been the highlight of your 12 months?

The first board meeting was very enlightening and definitely a highlight for me! It was great to see the enthusiasm and passion for the business, but honesty and wanting to hear my view on the business was both surprising and refreshing. Another big highlight was opening the doors to our new office in London and the working environment that we have there. Also setting foot in the brand new headquarters in Liverpool, they’ve done a fantastic job up there with how it looks!

Congratulations Dan on your one year anniversary with Vextrix. All your colleagues wish you a successful future with us.