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Hydrogen Power Plant


Vextrix has been appointed as Principal Designer on this Hydrogen power plant project within the energy sector. The team are supporting the client through the delivery of Principal Designer duties under CDM Regulations, ensuring all correct requirements are met. Initially engaged at the pre-planning permission and pre-tender stage of the project, the team began by gathering and reviewing all technical documentation and provided a PCI pack for the tender documentation.

Working within the energy sector and specifically with Hydrogen, our team needed to ensure that the PCI document reflected the high risk activities that will take place on site. After the submission of the F10, the team went on to perform a design hazard review.

Establishing the safety of the site was vital and this included an assessment of neighbouring high risk businesses and evaluating restrictions and emergency procedures. The team conducted regular communications of their findings with the project designers and ensured all information was relayed in design team meetings. Ensuring the most accurate information was reflected in the documentation of this project was a priority for our team along with the effective communication surrounding specific hazards posed by a project of this nature.

The next stage of the project will see the team issuing planning conditions and appointing the vendors for the industry specific equipment required for the project. To support the client the team will also manage the coordination of designs and complete a review of the construction phase plan when the contractor is appointed.

Our experience with CDM regulations means that our team can support the client and the design teams with knowledge and confidence to ensure full CDM compliance on a project within the specific parameters of this industry.