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Dowhigh on behalf of Liverpool City Council

Highways Design


Vextrix has been appointed by our client Dowhigh to deliver Highways Design Services on the £35m Highways Improvement Programme on behalf of Liverpool City Council. The aim of the scheme is to improve the overall appearance and quality of selected highways in the North of the City and improve the focus on pedestrian access to benefit local communities.

The team have been appointed by the client to deliver a range of improvements on 39 locations in the North of the City that include the introduction of safety improvements such as drop crossings, traffic calming measures and improved visibility for vehicles and pedestrians. The scheme is funded by multiple stakeholders including, Liverpool City Council, Liverpool City Region Combined Authority and the Department of Transport and will see the upgrade of more than 100 roads.

Vextrix is delivering work packages on each selected location that include:

  • General arrangement
  • Site clearance
  • Drainage improvements
  • Carriageways
  • Improvements to kerbs and footways
  • Improvements to signage and road markings
  • Street lighting upgrades

The package of works includes feasibility assessments and detailed designs. The detailed designs of each selected location include improvements to associated drainage, resurfacing programmes, scheme reports and contract documents all delivered to the client within an allocated time and to budget. The Pre-Construction Information package for each location is delivered to the client, detailing the specification of the highway works, including the detailed design drawings relevant to the series and standards of the DMRB and local transport notes.

Our experience means we can ensure the scheme designs comply with specifications, including the Traffic Regulation Act, the Design Manual for Roads and Bridges, meet with CDM requirements and Health and Safety Regulations and works are delivered subject to the relevant environmental impact assessments, quality procedures and meet with the agreed programmes.

Using long sections and cross sections, the team ensure the final design of the levels are feasible inside current/existing thresholds. Utilising a range of innovative technologies including 3D Civils and  Autotrack tracking software the team are able to accurately analyse the movements of various vehicles specific to each location to ensure they meet with their specific requirements and utilise KeyLines and KeySigns software, specifically designed to ensure complete accuracy in the signing and lining aspects of the scheme.

Added Value

Our experience of delivering highways schemes means the team can add significant value to the client. The team ensure the integrity of the overall design through continued collaboration and commitment to efficient communication with the client, stakeholders and contractors, including third parties delivering topographical surveys, cores and drainage surveys. This approach means the team promote a culture of transparency and trust whilst demonstrating the benefits SME’s bring to the delivery of Highway Schemes.

Our experience means the team have the knowledge required to utilise innovative technologies to ensure complete accuracy in each unique location, reduce timescales and make efficient assessments, whilst taking into consideration the impact of the extent of the works, including constraints of access and taking the necessary steps to minimise disruption to the local residents.