Accessibility Tools

Northern Trains Limited

Inclusive Hubs Scheme


Building on our long standing relationship with our client Northern, Vextrix has been engaged to provide Principal Designer duties on this project providing our services to stations identified as part of their Inclusive Hubs scheme.

As part of the Disabled Persons Protection Policy (DPPP), Northern has committed to improve accessibility in and around their managed stations to assist and enable people to use railway confidently by considering a wide range of accessibility needs.

Some of the improvements have brought disused buildings and rooms back into use and others have improved the availability of double handrails, tactile warning surfaces and semi-automatic doors. The customers are also now able to enjoy refurbished car parks with reconfigured accessible parking bays, providing better accessibility and clear compliant markings.

The teams continued work in this project has seen the construction of new, quality toilet facilities with beautiful waiting rooms that offer comfort and an excellent standard of finish. The team continue to work with the client to ensure all improvements have followed the accessibility standards beyond the requirements of Building Regulations such as DfT’s ACOP and BS8300.

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