Accessibility Tools

Northern Trains Limited

360 Google Street View Station Tours


Continuing to build on our long standing relationship with our client Northern, Vextrix has been appointed as Lead Designer for this project, through the of our I-Auditor survey system our team completed surveys of 293 stations. Using point cloud technology and 360 google street view technology meant the team were able to assist Northern with this latest step in accessibility improvements in and around their managed stations.

As lead designer on this project Vextrix completed surveys of 293 stations and created 360 degree virtual walkthroughs for each of the Northern managed railway stations. Through the use of our I-Auditor survey system, point cloud technology and 360 google street view technology,  Northern customers can now access a 360 degree walkthrough of each of the stations, allowing them to plan their journey before they travel and assess how the facilities will meet their needs. This project marks the latest step in Northern’s commitment to accessibility improvements in and around their managed stations in line with the Disabled Persons Protection Policy (DPPP).

The ability to experience a journey ahead of time has particular benefits for the disabled community, elderly passengers and the 11 demographics affected by mental health conditions including ADHD, anxiety and depression. Using the technology to plan ahead helps to build familiarity and reduce uncertainty around travel and empower people to use public transport no matter what their circumstance.

The point cloud technology and its ability to integrate with 360 google street view has provided a solution for the client to accessibility concerns raised for these communities.  Providing customers with this added service has increased Northern’s engagement with these communities, widened their demographic and given their customers increased confidence to travel.

The Google street view camera technology with directional banner capability is incorporated and hosted on Northern’s asset database and has had over eight million unique visitors to date.