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Facilities Management, Asset Management and Dilapidations Consultancy


Your property portfolio needs to operate effectively and efficiently. Our Facilities Management team are here to provide you with their independent, expert advice to achieve this.

When working with you to produce the FM contract and tender we would:-

  • Assist on the specification of the scope of services for each of the disciplines
  • Look at existing service provisions and advise on improvements and amendments
  • Advise on ways to monitor performance , Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Put a change management process in place as it is likely the scope and some services will require changing during the contract
  • Assist in identifying appropriate suppliers for the tender
  • Assist in the tender process

If you already have a contractor already in place we shall:

  • Assist in auditing the facilities management contractor to ensure they are delivering the services correctly
  • Assist in the administration of the FM contract
  • Assist in the change process

How will our Facilities Management Consultants help deliver effective and efficient buildings?

Understanding your needs for the buildings is key to provide you with a tailored scope of services for the lifetime of the building. Our experience of providing FM services across various sectors means we can bring best practice and benchmarking to your project.

We will work closely with you to influence design and procurement to ensure your buildings are cost effective and future proofed for your demands. Our team will provide regular property audits and financial planning advice to achieve the most cost-efficient maintenance plan for the portfolio.

Working with your estates team, we will ensure we fully understand your requirements for the lifetime of the building and manage the delivery of the facilities management contractor to achieve the desired Service Level Agreement (SLA).

We can also offer advice and services for the discharge of dilapidations liabilities in building leases at termination.

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