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What is CEEQUAL?

CEEQUAL stands for The Civil Engineering Environmental Quality Assessment and Award Scheme. It allows you to gain industry recognition for your project or team that go above and beyond the legal, environmental and social minimum to deliver a positive impact on society and the environment.

What is a CEEQUAL Assessment?

The assessment is a series of questions that are answered by one of our qualified CEEQUAL Assessors. The questions look at your project and/or team in relation to their impact on the environment and sustainability. Once completed, the answers with accompanying evidence are submitted to CEEQUAL for verification. You will then be awarded a rating and certificate that you can use to highlight your commitment to making a positive impact on society and the environment.

Why do you need CEEQUAL Score and Rating?

Achieving a rating and certificate demonstrates your commitment to the sustainability agenda and provides public recognition of your work to the industry and the general public. When you have received your certificate and rating you are able to use this in the publicity of your project to highlight your commitment to the environment and sustainability.


  • Cost savings: Projects have reported savings ranging from £30,000 on waste minimisation to £5 million (3.3% of total project cost) saved through design changes and the use of alternative materials.
  • A boost in team collaboration: CEEQUAL’s recognition of teams that have “gone the extra mile” means they are driven to deliver high performance and this helps to develop a positive performance attitude.
  • Positive PR: Building a positive reputation for your project and your teams achievements, good PR through the demonstration of the delivery of your environmental, sustainability and/or corporate social responsibility policies.
  • Presentation at industry recognised events: CEEQUAL Certificates are presented to all project partners at relevant events.


To find out more about the different types of CEEQUAL Assessments we offer, please contact one of our qualified assessors at Contact Us.